Inline inspection as a service

Get uninterrupted condition-critical data to optimize your pipeline integrity programs

Using advanced data analytics and free floating Pipers®, INGU’s inline inspection as a service keeps you on top of wall condition, deposits and leaks, while keeping your operations going.

How It Works

Operational Control

Maintaining a regular inline presence across all assets allows you to plan, decide, and act with certainty, while avoiding downtime and unexpected costs. With INGU, you will log more runs where and when you want at a 10x cost advantage compared to conventional inline inspection methods.

Troubleshooting in hand

INGU’s inline inspection as a service ensures that troubleshooting Pipers are always in scope and readily at hand, no matter the condition, material, location, size or configuration of your assets. Whatever the concern, our multi sensor technology is capable of delivering leak, pressure, deposit, and wall condition surveys in a single run.

system control room

Case Study:

Maintaining a clear picture of asset condition

Over a period of 17 months, INGU performed three inspections of a steel pipeline carrying fresh water. A deposit survey and condition assessment were carried out to establish a baseline reading.

Take control of inline inspection with INGU's self-serve technology