Deeper Pipeline Insights with Ease

Profound Data Insights

With Pipers®, INGU’s free-floating and inert pipeline sensors, you choose the inspection data you need and pay only for the insights you want. Small, self-contained, and simple to deploy, you drop them into your pipeline’s access point – no shutdown required – and as they float down the line, they collect the valuable data about your pipeline integrity that you need in order to make crucial decisions.

Pipeline Integrity Programs Made Easy

Get pipeline inspection data without shutting down operations and without human intervention – saving you both time and money.

Inspect Inaccessible and Unpiggable Pipelines

Small, inaccessible, and unpiggable pipelines are no longer a problem – Pipers® are easily capable of inspecting pipelines down to 2” in diameter, even if they are buried or in remote locations.

More Information – Deeper Insight

The simplicity and ease of use means you can monitor your pipelines more frequently and efficiently, getting deeper insights that allow for better, more informed decisions.

Go With The Flow

Free-floating and certified safe for enclosed environments, Pipers® float along with the fluid in the pipeline – they won’t get stuck, even in complex systems.

A Complete Pipeline Picture

With a single tool in the pipeline, get leak detection, pressure and geometry information, wall condition assessment, and other insights – meaning you can be confident in the safety of your operations.

Welcome to the Future

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