Ingu Solutions partners with PICA Corp. for water and waste water market

CALGARY – (June 10, 2019) – Ingu Solutions is excited to announce its partnership with PICA Corp. Under the brand PICA Acoustics, PICA will introduce the Pipers® into the municipal water and waste water market.

John van Pol, CEO Ingu Solutions, and Dave Russell, President PICA Corp., made the announcement at the AWWA ACE19 conference. Dave Russell: “The Ingu technology is the latest in a line of leak detection tools, and provides a shopping list of value-added information besides locating leaks.” John van Pol: “We’re looking forward to working with PICA to deliver first class solutions to the market.”

PICA Corp. is a well-established provider of pipeline inspection and condition analysis services to the water and waste water market. For more information on PICA, visit www.