Exploring the Depths of Data Science

Picture this: you receive data from inside a wormhole in deep space, and at a moment’s notice, you must determine whether a spaceship could pass through it. This is as close to an analogy as you can get in describing the work INGU’s data scientists are doing on a daily basis.

Exploring the Depths of Data Science

While many are drawn to INGU’s story because of our remarkably small sensor hardware, the truth is we couldn’t solve the large problems we solve without exploring the depths of data science and machine learning. We are driven by a commitment to protecting the world’s pipeline infrastructure by building the tools and technology to allow operators to have full visibility into the condition of all their pipeline assets.

The patented Pipers® solution pairs a baseball-sized free-floating multi-sensor system with machine learning powered data analytics and a GIS based client dashboard. Pipers® travels long distances, collecting massive amounts of data to provide valuable information with regards to the condition of the pipeline.

Our data science team is continuously charting new territory—evaluating and interpreting rich data sets that come back in a form that no one else has worked with before.  Based on vast amounts of sensor data (gigabits per pipeline), the data science team looks for threats to pipeline safety—quickly determining the location of the issue solely based on Pipers® sensor data. With different pipeline materials, methods of installation, and events that happen during the pipeline’s lifespan, this is as much an art as a science. Our team’s work is ground-breaking and consequential.

As we continue this pioneering journey, we are excited about the work and our progress. Since the market introduction in 2018, Pipers® have been deployed in more than 600 pipelines, inspecting over 2,500 miles of pipeline, in 25 countries around the world. All this is made possible by the trust that our clients place in us, the support from our investors, the local representation by our global partners, and our amazing team!