Butterfly valve used to control the drain pipe.Manual valve.

Assurance of pipeline cleaning through deposit surveys


INGU’s Pipers continuously measure pipeline pressure as they travel the length of a survey. This pressure measurement is a combination of flow dynamics (speed) and static components (pipeline roughness, inner diameter, and elevation). Pipers measure pipeline deposits by subtracting effects related to elevation from changes in inline pressure throughout the inspection. Unaffected lines produce a straightline pressure reading, while internal roughness from deposits produce a slope in the data line. 

Case example

Survey length: 4.5 km
Pipe diameter: 8-inch
Pipe composition: carbon steel
Resource carried: water disposal
Location: Canada

In 2019 INGU performed a baseline deposit survey for a client after which the line was cleaned. One year later, the client requested we reinspect the line to determine the effectiveness of the cleaning. The year-over-year comparison showed that, while the cleaning had been effective, there were two sections of the pipeline that showed minor sedimentation remaining. 


Measuring condition of acquired assets using magnetic surveys

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