We are represented by a growing number of partners around the world.

Aquip Systems - Australia

Aquip specialises in delivering market leading industrial technology, complete with comprehensive lifetime technical support. For over 30 years, Aquip has supplied the highest quality measurement and data collection systems to the Oil & Gas, Mining, Marine, HVAC, Water and Chemical industries. Their team of experts are dedicated to helping their clients realise targeted reliability and productivity goals through ensuring accuracy in data collection to support asset management and maintenance initiatives.

INGU offers an accurate solution to an ongoing problem with pipeline health across Australian local and remote locations. Our clients can now access self-serve, cost-effective analysis complete with reporting technology through the use of INGU Pipers®. Pipeline asset health management is easy with INGU providing accurate information in a single run with 100% uptime.

Taryn Palmer, Regional Sales Manager

HSC - Nigeria

Hydrocarbon Support Concept (HSC) was founded in 2014 to provide maintenance and support services to the Nigerian oil and gas industry, with a particular focus on the country’s critical pipeline infrastructure. HSC clients include Total Nigeria and Shell Nigeria.

We introduced INGU and its Pipers® technology in 2020 and the response has been remarkable. Our clients are tackling a range of pipeline challenges, including leaks, deposits, wall condition, and hot tapping. INGU offers great technology, great service, and a price advantage that is unbeatable.

Santosh Varma, Managing Director

Morken Group - Chile, Peru

For more than 30 years, Morken Group has provided the oil, gas, mining and energy industries with state-of-the-art technology solutions. They integrate asset monitoring and control, internal and external inspections, repairs and interventions of equipment and facilities segments, fluid transport, corrosion protection and solutions for power generation and energy efficiency projects.

Pipeline monitoring is an issue that people have been trying to solve for a long time. Right now, pipeline operators are mandated to do inspections on an infrequent basis. A lot can happen in those years that create vulnerabilities. INGU has created the conditions to address this issue from both a cost and execution perspective. It’s great technology.

Rodolfo Cabrera, Commercial Director

OilPro - Bolivia

OilPro S.R.L. is a company founded in 2014, specialized in supply and distribution of cutting-edge solutions and customized value-added services for companies in the Oil&Gas, Industry and Mining market. With a wide range of product portfolio, specially focused on the long-term preservation of the integrity of the assets, OilPro is a strategic ally for the commercial development of international brands in the Bolivian territory. With the most convenient conditions in terms of costs, delivery times, technical support, financing solutions and after-sales service.

At OilPro we are convinced that INGU's Pipers® technology is an innovative, cost-efficient and highly reliable alternative for the long-term preservation of pipelines integrity. We firmly believe that this solution is a very smart investment for our local customers that are looking for direct benefits on the short term.

Diego Morales Gutierrez, Commercial Manager

Orion - Brazil

Orion SIC (Inspection and Consulting Services) is a company focused on developing solutions for the market for remote inspection of challenging pipelines and structures, having as a differential the know-how for the necessary customization to meet the unique demands of each client: our focus is on projects that are out of the ordinary. To this end, it has partnerships with innovative companies and market leaders in their segments.

INGU`s Pipers® is a remarkable solution, with the versatility to provide both emergency evaluation and a detailed integrity solution that can adapt to virtually any pipeline condition. Orion Inspection Services has relied on INGU`s technology to provide inspection data and integrity evaluations to several industries such as municipals and petrochemicals, allowing diverse clients to extend their pipelines lifespan in a secure matter, with a cost-effective and easy to use tool.

Felipe Oliveira, Director

PT Wilson Walton Indonesia (WWI)

PT. Wilson Walton Indonesia (WWI) was established in 1994 as a member of Corrpro Companies, Inc. a worldwide leading provider of corrosion control engineering and engineering services. Since its inception. WWI has been the market leader for corrosion control engineering services for Indonesia oil and gas industry. Providing clients with the most innovative, economical and reliable solutions for corrosive problems. In 2003, WWI becomes an independent company committed to serve Indonesia and Southeast Asia Market. WWI represents world class companies in corrosion and pipeline integrity industry.

INGU provides a very cost-effective solution to handle several pipeline challenges. Since our first pilot project with one of the major oil and gas companies in Indonesia, the inquiry and interest for INGU Pipers® keeps growing. We believe that many of our customers will benefit from INGU’s technology not only to inspect the unpiggable pipelines but also to detect leaks and hot tapping.

Wisnu Trimurti, General Manager of Sales and Marketing