The operating system for pipeline integrity

vertical lines
vertical lines

Free floating Pipers® and advanced data analytics deliver optimal operational control and insight, while reducing overall costs and downtime. Our annual subscriptions give you more presence and greater access to your pipeline assets more often.


Self-Serve System

Maximum control without third parties required on-site

100% Uptime

Designed for use under operational conditions

Universal Pipeline Access

Easy access to assets as small as 2 inches in diameter

10x Cost Advantage

Affordability and ease of use means more visibility more often

Multi Sensor Surveys

Leak, pressure, deposit, and magnetic data in a single run

Rich Datasets Library

Leverage historical data for unprecedented analysis

Pipers® subscriptions put power and control into the hands of pipeline operators

INGU’s annual subscriptions give you affordable access to our award-winning inline inspection technology when and where you want. We combine miniature, multi sensor technology with rich datasets libraries to give you the most complete view of your pipeline conditions.

“Unpiggable” is not in our vocabulary

Pipers provide easy access to pipeline assets no matter the condition, location, material or configuration. We can inspect steel, flexsteel, HDPE, fiberspar, and ductile iron pipes down to 2” diameter.





Ductile Iron

Any material can be inspected

Any diameter

Down to 2 inches

Multi sensor surveys assess full condition in a single run

We use multi sensor technology that is highly-efficient, delivering leak, pressure, deposit, and magnetic surveys in a single run. Every Piper has a magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, acoustic sensor, and pressure sensor on board.





Acoustic sensor

Pressure sensor

Always at hand, we maximize the reach of pipeline integrity programs

Self-serve monitoring delivers greater program control, early detection, and lower costs. Pipers data is highly repeatable over time, allowing for an accurate determination of changes in the pipeline condition.

INGU’s Pipers use acoustic sensors to listen for leaks. You can achieve greater program integrity and risk mitigation by regularly monitoring areas of high consequence.

With 100 pressure measurements per second, Pipers can provide highly accurate information on deposits throughout a pipeline.

Butterfly valve used to control the drain pipe.Manual valve.

In addition to identifying fittings and welds, Pipers detect metallic features that threaten pipeline performance.

2.1 Valve set - closed for run

Using the width and structure of the measured magnetic flux, Pipers can determine the level of corrosion in a pipeline.

Rusty old pipeline with valve

Pipers offer the only scalable solution to proactively address the environmental, human, and financial risks associated with illegal hot taps.

Close up of pipe log with red valve in forest

100% Uptime, Seamless Deployment

Free floating Pipers® allows you to conduct inspections and assessments in operational lines with zero downtime. We turn what is typically a series of downtime engineering events into a seamless deployment that keeps your operations going.

2.1 Valve set - closed for run
Case Study: Magnetic Survey

Measuring condition of acquired assets using magnetic surveys

Historical data delivers unprecedented analysis and advancement

Our clients range from independent operators to many of the largest oil and gas companies in the world. This range of experience gives us rich data inspection histories (materials, conditions, and geographies), delivering unprecedented contextual analysis and continuous advancement.

Economical, effective, and easy to use, it’s a complete all-in-one tool.
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All the access you need at 1/10th the cost of legacy technology

The affordability of our solution gives your pipeline integrity program greater asset access, more often, at a cost 10x less than compared to conventional inline inspection methods. And more presence across your assets equals more control.

INGU is the inline inspection partner to many of the world's leading oil and gas companies

Take control of inline inspection with INGU's self-serve technology