INGU is the inline inspection partner for many of the world’s leading oil and gas companies.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, we are changing the economics of pipeline integrity programs by offering subscription-based technology solutions that put greater control in the hands of operators, while eliminating downtime and conventional engineering costs. Our unique self-serve inline inspection model is an industry first. Our revolutionary technology uses miniaturized inline sensors called Pipers® and advanced data analytics to detect leaks, geometric defects, magnetic anomalies, and deposits that threaten pipeline performance and safety.

INGU Around the World

Board of Directors


Michael Riedijk

Director, West Coast Ventures

John Hanten

Operating Partner, Energy Innovation Capital

Mark Menke

Independent Director, INGU

John van Pol

CEO and Director, INGU

International Partners

We’re represented by a growing number of international partners in both the oil and gas, and municipal water markets.


We are building the tools and technology to put greater control in the hands of operators, allowing them to be more present, more often, reducing threats to performance and potential failure.