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Pipers® are an affordable and easy-to-deploy screening tool that identifies risks and performance issues in pipelines. They fit in every diameter and condition of pipeline, and are especially suitable for small-diameter pipelines (8 inch and below). They detect and locate leaks, defects, magnetic features, and restrictions in all pipelines — with no interruption of service.


How it works


Baseline. Get to know your pipeline


Analyze. INGU provides a full report with the features of interest


Repeat. Every next run gives you deeper, more detailed insight


Self-service. What’s going on with my line? Use a Piper® and you’ll know

Advanced Features


Acoustic leak detection, magnetic feature identification, high resolution pressure and temperature sensing — and an IMU for position and isometry


Works in any fluid, in pressures as high as 1,450psi


Pipers® operate continuously for over 24 hours, capable of screening pipelines from a few meters to hundreds of kilometers long


Each subsequent run builds on the baseline for increasingly better insight into pipeline condition and performance

Where to use Pipers®

Pipers® give you inexpensive and comprehensive inline knowledge — without shutting down

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Pipers® give you access to all pipelines — even small and unpiggable ones

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