Pipers® Flow With You

Built to collect comprehensive data even in the most challenging pipeline networks, Pipers® are designed to be easy to use and to fit well within your maintenance and operations budget. They float freely inside pipelines previously considered unpiggable or inaccessible – with no special teams. Along the way, they record up to 24 hours of data for subsequent analysis.

Pressure Profile Measurement

Pipers® are suited to access all pipelines, even those as small as 2”. Along the way, they track pressure changes and give you valuable insight into flow rates, hazards, and blockages. Used over time, you can build an accurate profile of potential problem areas.

Leak Detection

Pipers® are equipped with an acoustic leak detection sensor. While moving through a pipeline, Pipers® continuously record the relatively quiet flow noise, which makes the characteristic hissing or rushing sound of a leak easily distinguishable.

Wall Condition Assessment

By measuring the magnetic flux existing in a pipeline, Pipers® accurately assess overall pipeline conditions and identify localized significant volumetric metal loss anomalies within pipelines.

Pipeline Inspection Tools With No Limits

Award-winning, effortless, and with no disruption to your operations, Pipers® deliver the information you need to support pipeline safety and performance.

Operational pipelines screened





Pipeline materials

  • Steel
  • Flexsteel
  • HDPE
  • Fiberspar
  • Concrete
  • Ductile Iron
  • Fiberglas

Operational fluids

  • Sour Gas
  • Crude Oil
  • Fresh Water
  • Produced Water
  • Gas
  • Oil Emulsion

Small Tool, Big Picture Pipeline Data

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